Become an Affiliate of Yoga With Les

As an affiliate you may place links to Yoga With Les on your site and receive commissions for the sales generated from visitors you send our way.

Commissions are now 50%! We are paying out commissions monthly, you will get paid whenever you accrue $50.00 or more in commissions and your referral lasts for 180 days.

Here’s the best news – every sale of the Yoga With Les Premium Podcast is a recurring income stream! As long as the user is paying the monthly subscribe fee of $19.99, your getting 50% of that!

We follow the generally accepted ‘last cookie wins’ standard. Affiliates are able to track their progress online in real time via extensive web-based reporting.

We encourage all interested sites to apply to our program. If you have questions concerning our program, please let us know. You can contact us here.

Step by Step Affiliate Sign up Instructions – Please follow these instructions exactly:

1. Click on the Join Now button below. You will be redirected to Nanacast, our affiliate manager. Fill out the form on that page .

2. Check your email to confirm your sign up. Click on the link in the email. Once you do that you’ll be able to see all the available Yoga With Les Products.

3. Come back to this page and bookmark this link:

This link as it is your Customized Affiliate Login for Yoga With Les. Once in your account you will be able to access banners and text links to promote all the Yoga With Les Products. You will also be able to track your referrals and payouts.

4. To create a a campaign just click on the title of the product you want to promote. Then under “Link Campaigns Links” choose “Create a new link campaign for this item”. Enter a title, description (this is for your reference), and click save.

5. Grab the code for any banner or text ad and plug it into your website! It will start tracking traffic and you can login anytime to see your sales commissions.

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