Stay Present Now What?

Well Hello 2017 – Wait did u miss that? It’s already mid-March. What’s happening in the world? What is happening with yoga and the business of yoga, responding to emails, booking trainings / retreats / workshops, time with family, time alone, practice, meditation – oh yeah some sleep. Do you want to know that a good chunk of my 2018 is mapped out and just the other day someone said something to me about 2019? I spit up a little. It’s a Kriya.
Everything that I teach and practice is about mindfulness and being more in the present moment. How can we, with technological advances pressuring us to instantly gratify our everything, stay present? That’s why I said mapping. I’ve always had a plan, well several. My problem was, I had no tools to keep me grounded when that plan diverted my desired, and very much planned for, path. Translation, I lacked flexibility.
More and more studios around the world have me coming in to present the yamas and niyamas workshops that I have developed. It’s a deep dive immersion taking guidelines for living and seeing how sometimes by honoring one or some, we violate one or several others. Even with our best intentions, sometimes plans call for great flexibility and better communication.
So, of course this leads to what we are up to, for you, this year and beyond to help provide you with tools to navigate change, sometimes at a very rapid pace.
2017 Teacher Trainings – we still have room for both trainings in Bali this year (200 just a few spaces remain). In addition to a few other things, one of the exciting changes with nutrition this year is, we are incorporating Ayurveda. For more information on the 200-hour foundation training, which is great for an immersion too, or the 300 hour advanced training click here
On the advanced trainings, we have received many emails about not only providing the 5 week option, but doing smaller modules of 3-5-7 and 9-10 day immersions to let people build their 300 hours (on top of 200 hours getting you 500 hour certified) at your own pace. We are talking with great studios around the world in Beijing, Auckland, Sydney, Costa Rica, US and Europe to make this happen for you. Stay tuned and watch my website which, really is still being overhauled and hopefully, cross everything, will be done in the next couple/few months.
For now, my most up to date schedule can be found here and if you have not heard yet we have released the first few new videos with Yoga Download, Guidelines for a Balanced Life series. You can find all those videos and the link to other amazing teachers by clicking here.
We love to hear from you. So if you have questions, comments, concerns, and ideas, send us a message on and we are always posting things on social media too. All those links are listed below. Let’s, let’s stay together…
Lotsa Love, Many OMs and a very deep bow.
Om Namah Shivaya, Buddha