My Very First Blog Post

Welcome to Yoga With Les. Tuesday, February 3rd we are releasing our very first video podcast, hips and hamstrings. The podcast is 30 minutes long. The remaining 3 podcasts that will be released in February are:

Feb 10 – Twists – 30 minutes,
Feb 17 – Backbends – 45 minutes, and
Feb 23 – Vinyasa/Flow – 1 hour.

Normally, the cost for downloading all 4 videos (a total of 2 hours, 45 minutes) is $19.99 but if you are a first time subscriber now, in February or at any time you find Yoga With Les, you can subscribe your first month (4 weeks) for the cost of a 30 minute video – yes $5.99. Your subscription is a rolling 4 weeks and if you see classes in the archive that you would like to download, you can do so individually.

There are already 4 classes to look forward to in March – Shoulders, Yoga Flow Basics, More Backbends and a Vinyasa/Flow.

If you have questions about any classes or want to request a class you can contact me through my contact page. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my community newsletter and receive a free download of one of my favorite yoga tunes.

I’m so grateful to have created this space for all of us to share on and off the mat.

Om Shanti – Les

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