20 Yoga Videos for $20! Holiday Fundraiser for Yayasan Bumi Sehat Bali

Starting today, you can get all 20 of my yoga videos for $20. That's $1 each. You can buy 1 for $1 or a bundle of 4 for $4 or buy all 5 bundles for $20. Every dollar collected is being donated to Bumi Sehat Bali. Ibu Robin and her team are not just the natural birthing clinic and medical clinic in Ubud. They are now providing food, shelter and clothing to many of the Balinese that had to evacuate the danger zone around Mt. Agung.

This is an amazing deal that will run through December 31. Buy these videos because you want to start a yoga practice or you want to practice more with me or buy these videos as gifts for family and friends but please know that whatever your reason for your purchase, 100% of sales is going direct to Bumi Sehat. So, please share this newsletter and my social media posts with all your friends and family around the world. If 1,000 of you buy all 20 videos, I send Ibu Robin $20,000. I'm not taking out my costs. This is a matter of helping people stay alive with the basics of food and shelter. Since I've been spending less time in Bali and not able to donate my time, this is the best way we can come together and help a community in need for things that many of us do not give a second thought about where that next meal might come from today.

To access the videos click here: lesleventhalyoga.com/videos or click the picture just below here of Robin.

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With loving gratitude and a deep bow in service. Lotsa Love, Many OMs and Happy Everything. Om Namah Shivaya, Buddha -Les